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What is a ?Contributing Author??

Write for us!

What is a contributing author? Well, actually, it could well be you!

Our authors are people interested in sustainable solutions to life?s problems. And, it?s more than that; more than just patching problems, it?s also about forging an improved quality of life. It?s about getting off the consumer treadmill ? where you?re working just because of what you?ve bought ? and creating a life with purpose and long-term satisfaction and health.

If you have a permaculture ?project? underway, why not tell the world about it by sending us your article for publishing. It can be about something as simple as establishing a few potted plants on your high-rise balcony, to a full-blown aid endeavour in sub-Saharan Africa. It could be about your insights and experiences with a micro-hydro or solar setup on your property, or a report on your trip to a permaculture project you particularly admire.

Whatever it is, people can be educated and inspired by your efforts.

If you would like to get published on the PRI site, send your article to webmaster (at)

Note: Article submissions will be weighed for merit before publishing. We do not commit to posting everything we?re sent.

Posted on: 18 August 2010