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Mission Statement

The Permaculture Research Institute of Turkey has been founded to expand the knowledge and practice of permaculture as a whole-system design science and to primarily facilitate the uptake of permaculture throughout the Republic of Turkey. PRI Turkey seeks to provide solutions leading to permanent abundance by training local people to become leaders of sustainable development in their communities.

PRI Turkey recognises and will endevour to cultivate the potential of being at the multiple edge of cultures, climates and continents, applying the ecosystemic principles of permaculture design to this highly charged land pulsating with energy; gathering the experience and reaping the results to share with the global permaculture community and the rest of the world. PRI Turkey is thus an invaluable station/haven/node for PRI interns on their way to becoming the veteran aid and earth repair workers that our planet has long been in desperate need of.

PRI Turkey will support and collaborate with all groups and individuals pertaining to the ethical basis of permaculture:
1. Care of the Earth
2. Care of People
3. Setting limits to needs to set aside resources to further the first two.

PRI Turkey works in collaboration with The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and other Permaculture Research Institutes worldwide as explained in the ?Permaculture Master Plan? video.

Permaculture Master Plan

Posted on: 17 August 2010