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Mediterranean Permaculture Practitioners Come Together for the First Time! (Marmariç, Turkey, July 2012)

Conferences,Courses/Workshops,Social Gatherings — by Dijan Albayrak

The PDC graduates of the Mediterranean and the Middle-east will converge for the first gathering specifically for this region. This event will make possible the initiation of networking and sharing of knowledge & experiences for the region. The Mediterranean is one zone where we need this collaboration desperately; in response to severe soil loss due to population pressures, land/water mismanagement and climatic issues.

Sharing, documenting and database building for successes and failures in the region is a main theme for the convergence, taking place in Marmariç, Turkey between 17-21st of July 2012.

PRI Turkey will be hosting two other major events right before the Convergence:

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Posted on: 20 April 2012

Call for Volunteers ? Regional Permaculture Conference and Convergence in Turkey

Conferences,Courses/Workshops,General,News — by Dijan Albayrak

The Permaculture Research Institute Turkey is planning to host three prominent events in summer 2012. First a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course will be organized in Istanbul on 30 June ? 12 July, 2012; held by two legendary trainers, Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton. Following the PDC, a Regional Permaculture Conference will take place in Istanbul on the 14th of July. Last but not least the PIT would like to welcome you at its field practice venue; Marmariç village in Izmir, for the Regional Permaculture Convergence ? the Mediterranean, Balkans Caucasus and Middle East.

This open call aims to inform you about these events and to form an international prep team for the preparations.

Below, further explanations are provided about the events. We wanted to reach out to a group of existing contacts of the institute, in order to ask for your support. We look for volunteers who would like to join our International Prep Team (IPT).

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Posted on: 25 January 2012